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1300 Tribute Center Drive
Raleigh NC

(919) 561-1044

Our Philosophy

Learn more about Shawlsmith London's philosophy of BELIEF!

Our Philosophy

The story of Shawlsmith London is the story of a unique entrepreneur looking to find his calling, his passion in life. The story starts with an idea, the selling of scarves and shawls and through the journey of self discovery, ends with the realization of PURPOSE and the knowledge of BELIEF.

We all have an idea. A calling. A journey on which we travel to find our inner-self. It is that journey of self-discovery that culminates in the statement of our true identity—the belief in who we are. Belief in who we are is what Shawlsmith London represents. Through our company, fashion, and clothing we want to remind people the world over how important it is to believe in themselves. We see ourselves as the fashion brand behind BELIEF. Belief in one’s self is the single most important factor cited between an individual’s success or failure to achieve their full potential.Throughout our website, designs, messaging and communication, and our philosophy, Shawlsmith London seeks to promote the idea of self discovery and the power of belief. We demonstrate the impact that belief has on a person’s life. It radiates and represents that each one of us can hold a strong belief that can transform our lives and the lives of those around us and within our community.


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