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1300 Tribute Center Drive
Raleigh NC

(919) 561-1044


Learn more about career opportunities at Shawlsmith London!

Careers at Shawlsmith London

Shawlsmith London’s core company philosophy is to develop and grow its people. By adhering to this notion we believe our company will continue its rapid growth as a successful and recognized international fashion brand. The company values each employee’s intelligence and passion, cultivating a company culture that supports bringing their ideas to life. To this end, all employees are involved in design, collection development, and important business decisions, allowing them to grow as individuals and in return enabling Shawlsmith London to grow as a company.

Shawlsmith London is actively looking for professional, ambitious and driven individuals, either to join our highly reputable Internship Development Program (IDP) or to pursue a rewarding full-time career. Do you feel you are a fit for the Shawlsmith London team? Get information on career opportunities and internships by emailing:[email protected]

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