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1300 Tribute Center Drive
Raleigh NC

(919) 561-1044


Read the Shawlsmith London blog!

Meet Erika Marie!

Shawlsmith London

Erika Marie is a Writer, Stylist, and Blogger in Raleigh, NC!

Check out her blog at


Can you tell us about yourself and your blog?

I started blogging as just a hobby in between jobs, reading other fashion blogs, and after awhile I said to myself "Why can't I do this?" and I just ran with it.


What is the most important to you about blogging?

There is so many people around the world involved and it is like a really tight-knit group, and it is just like its own special language.


How long have you been blogging for?

Six and a half years!


Are there any struggles or challenges you have faced within your six plus years of blogging?

There are a lot of small issues. The weather and time are two issues usually.


What has been your biggest failure you have encountered with blogging?

I don't really have a "biggest failure". When I first starting blogging, I didn't really know too much about it, however, I just ran with it. It took about six months to a year to actually get drastic build up. My biggest triumph, though,  was probably when a company reached out to me. Coach Handbags actually read my blog and wanted to work on a project with me.  It was pretty amazing.


What is your definition of "belief"?

I think having faith and hope in ones self.


Where does your belief come from?

From being a day dreamer, and if I can dream about it, I can definitely do it.


What is your purpose in life? And do you see blogging as a part of this?

To make money! I do see blogging as part of my life as well.


If you get to where you want to be, what is the ideal vision of your future?

I would love to be a stylist for a magazine, or be a celebrity.


If there is one piece of advice about achieving your potential, what would it be?

Just be yourself.




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