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Get to Know Jackie Giardina!

Shawlsmith London

Meet Jackie Giardina ~ Life, Style, and

Beauty Blogger at


What’s important about fashion blogging to you? 

The most important thing about fashion blogging to me is having fun and enjoying what I’m doing. You know you’re truly doing things right in life when work doesn’t feel like work.


Tell us what you are doing and why?

I’m a Life, Style & Beauty Blogger who started mainly because I needed an excuse to wear all the clothes in my closet. I’ve continued blogging because it’s fun. It was a hobby that turned into more and I couldn’t be happier about it.


What are your goals in life?

In my blogging life I don’t really have clear goals, I’m just continuing to do what I’m doing until I don’t enjoy it anymore. I started it because it was something I enjoyed and the second it feels like work I know it will be time to move onto something else. As far as other goals right now I’m just enjoying life. One thing I try to keep in mind is to always be moving forward. 


What are your struggles and challenges in achieving this?

I’m always looking for new opportunities and new avenues to grow. They may be challenging and difficult, but what worthwhile isn’t.


If it is so difficult, what motivates you to carry on? Where do you get your belief?

When something is difficult or challenging I just take a step back and look at the big picture. Fashion blogging isn’t life or death. It’s fun and enjoyable and different.


How do you believe in yourself to do this?  

I don’t think you can really explain how to believe in yourself, you just do.


Where does your Belief come from?



What’s been your biggest failure?  

Everyone fails at everything once or twice. How do you learn for yourself without failing?


What is your purpose?

I’m not really sure I know what my purpose is yet.


If you get to where you want to, what’s your ideal vision of your future?

I don’t really have an ideal vision, as long as I’m happy I’ll be okay.


Once you attain your main goal in life, what do you plan on doing after that?

Enjoying the rest of it!


If there was one piece of advice you would give about trying to achieve and fulfill your potential, what would it be? 

Don’t be afraid of trying new things, taking chances or doing something different.


If you didn’t have belief in yourself and in your passions, how high would your goals have been compared to if you did believe in yourself?

I think my goals would be the same, but I wouldn’t have nearly as good of a chance of reaching them.


What does wearing a Shawlsmith London Scarf mean to you, knowing now our philosophy of Belief fashion brand?

It’s a visual reminder to believe in myself, even when things aren’t going as planned.


Does this change your meaning of the relationship you have with your scarves and scarves wardrobe?

I can’t help but grab for my Shawlsmith London scarf more than the others.


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