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1300 Tribute Center Drive
Raleigh NC

(919) 561-1044


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An Interview with Knox Goodman!

Shawlsmith London

Knox Goodman started her boutique back in 1981 and its still the place where women come shop for every occasion!

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Can you tell us about yourself and the Knox Goodman boutique?

In 1974, I was president of the Alumni Association at Hollins University in Roanoke, VA. I saw a number of ladies, older and younger than I was, and they had on pretty jewelry and bracelets. So, I asked about where they got them and they told me a lady from New York named Gay Boyer. She started doing accessories, and she had a number of representatives. I came home after and I asked my husband if I could go into business. He said that as long as it wasn’t real estate it was fine by him. So, I wrote Gay Boyer afterwards and told her that I would be a good rep for her. I did this for seven years, working only two afternoons a week. But I built her a nice clientele, and the reps I had under me were all over the south. After seven years, it became too big for me, so I started my own boutique called Knox Goodman’s boutique in 1981, and it just evolved from there. I started with 500 sq ft, and within a year I had 2200 sq ft. We started to sell scarves and accessories. In 1993, we made out permanent location in Treefort, LA.


How is your boutique important to you?

(Laughs) Well, my name is on the store and the checkbook, but I am just very actively involved. I just enjoy people, and helping them. Our customer service is beyond parallel, but we just enjoy helping people. The other day, I took some clothes out to a lady in an assisted living facility, and she was so thrilled about it. I am a native of Treefort, so I care a lot about my community.


Have you faced any struggles or challenges while running your boutique?

Cash flow was a very critical struggle that we faced. We sell on a lot of special occasions. However, we are so fortunate in Louisiana to have Mardi Gras. They also have to have long dresses in the summer. We do a lot of weddings as well, and other special occasions.


If cash flow was big issue at first, what motivated you to continue your business?

Well, I just love what I am doing! I enjoy the people that I work with. I have a fabulous staff, and there are many people who have been with me for over 20 years. I enjoy working!


What does "belief" mean to you?

Belief is one of the most important things someone can develop. It’s a very important part of life; having the feeling that you can do anything. Having belief gives you self-esteem, and it takes you out of yourself, and gives interest in you for other people.


Where does your belief come from?

My belief comes from my parents for one thing, and it came from being an active person in college years ago. It also came from raising three daughters, and not having to work full time until I was 47 years old.


What has been your biggest failure?

That’s a stump. I don’t have many failures (laughs).


What has been your purpose in life so far?

Well, to be a good citizen, a good wife, mother. Also to be engaged in life, to keep myself physically fit, and to enjoy life!


Was Knox Goodman’s boutique originally a part of this purpose?

I never dreamed of it at first, but it’s been such a blessing! It’s just important to be able to help others, and to make a difference for the people around you.


If you had one piece of advice you would give for achieving your potential, what would it be?

Number one, to believe in yourself and find out all the ins and outs of a business as an entrepreneur. Make sure to develop a business plan, as well as work in an area where that person is interested and wants to do something.


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